More and more players are enjoying the game of Parkour not just as a real sport but also as a video game. You can even play the game in Minecraft Parkour Servers. Minecraft is not only suitable for the creation of buildings, but also for jump-and-run inserts. This is shown by a Reddit user with Parkour.

Many structures in Minecraft may be pretty to look at, but they don’t really offer gameplay. The work of Reddit user choofxd is an exception. Because he didn’t build an imposing world, just an impressive parkour path.

This is how parkour works in Minecraft

The path leads through a Minecraft world at lofty heights and not only requires the player to make very specific jumps but also to build new platforms at the same time. While choofxd runs along the path, he has to place new blocks to avoid falling into the abyss. At other times, however, he uses them so that he can reach higher and higher platforms.

This is particularly impressive because it is always in motion and never stops. So just like you would expect from real parkour. In addition, despite this speed, he must not misplace a single block. Because he only gets exactly as many as he needs to complete the path.

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Fancy more parkour?

While you would probably not expect such parkour deposits in Minecraft, there are quite a few games that specialize in them. This type of locomotion has the greatest focus in Mirror’s Edge, for example. You can also play more parkour games from the Crazy Games website.

Have you ever played Assassin’s Creed, Parkour is an important skill in this game. There’s even a whole professional community that specializes in getting the most out of the game’s movement system. And they produce quite fascinating videos.

However, they also criticize that Parkour is becoming increasingly difficult in the games in the series since the mechanics are overly simplified and the worlds are becoming less and less suitable for practicing this sport virtually.