There are times when you will need to troubleshoot your pc before bringing it to a specialist. The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer, so it is very important you become familiar with troubleshooting methods in case your motherboard goes haywire.

Below we’ve compiled the most common motherboard problems.

Motherboard COM interface, Integrated Drive Technology port or Brand Print Final port fails properly.

This often occurs whenever you hot plug the related equipment, firstly you have to eliminate the NET port, the Brand Print Final port (often you actually have to eliminate the Integrated Drive Technology port) that integral the motherboard, after which work with a multifunction card instead.

New Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CM-OS) settings can’t be saved

It might have two options when the voltage continues to be low. The motherboard signal, one continues the fritz, and you had better take the expert it. Next, the thing is within the motherboard CM-OS jumper, and often you’ve washed CM-OS in error or set it as utilizing the additional battery, therefore it can’t save the brand new CM-OS data.

Mouse is not available starting up your Windows system or when adding

Caused usually by the wrong CM-OS settings. Within the CM- OS’s Power-Management, there’s a product named device use interrupt request, whose default is 3, and you will adjust to select among additional options except 3.

Pc crashes or CD ROM reading decelerates after establishing motherboard drivers

MotherboardOften occurs in certain poor motherboards: whenever you restart the equipment and finish adding your motherboard drivers, you can’t enter the Windows software within the standard function, moreover, the individuals can’t be unloaded. If unsuccessful you’ve to reinstall your OS you had better discover the most recent motherboard driver and redo the installation.

Pc crashes when placing the CM-OS

The origin of even the motherboard Cache or this tedious experience often covers within the processor, often perhaps poor people heat dissipation within the motherboard gives rise to such failures. For that Cache problem, you are able to repair it by stopping the Cache within the CM-OS. Possibly you’ve to displace your processor or motherboard or even the Cache problem.

These are only a few of the common motherboard problems. It is important to familiarize one’s self in computer terms and  troubleshooting pc problems, so you can save on having to run to electronic technicians