You often hear people say to get a Macbook because it is virus-free. But the question is, how really real is this? How is Macbook really safe from all the risks of internet viruses?


Since then, a lot of people, media, enthusiasts, and spectators that Macs are really virus-free. Which is why is a lot more expensive compared to other portable laptop brands. Surprisingly, it is technically perceived and proven real.

However, a lot of argument is also done to provoke this Mac virus-free platform. There are truths and as well as myths to the story. Sometimes, people get eaten up with too much advertising and sale that it became harder to draw a fine line between what is the truth and what is not. 

Luckily, today we will look over an answer to the question “Is it possible for Macbooks to get viruses?” let’s hear it from mobile developers for hire.

Truth or Myth?

What is the truth and what is not?

Truth is, Macbooks or Apple Macintosh computers are vulnerable to malware and viruses. Yes, it can get affected to it, little by little even without you knowing it. How is this possible?

Basically, there’s a thing we call ‘SAFE SURFING’. to websites like Tiktok Web. If you are a hundred percent sure that you are surfing on a secured website and trusted website then your Macbook will tell you so, the same goes for if you are on an unsecured one, your Macbook will also warn you.

However, there are other websites which technically can still fool your Macbook into trying to make them look “legit”, “real” and “secured”. This is where viruses or malware get into your Macbook then. 

Knowing Malware and Virus

Malware is anything that gets introduced on a PC that performs undesirable undertakings. Malware incorporates infections, adware, spyware, and even advertisement pop-ups. One reason why you should consider contacting mobile developers for hire.

The virus is a more specific type of malicious software that can replicate itself and spread out from one computer or programs and websites and applications. This can also damage the computer by unauthorized deletion of files, sudden reformatting or using up all the computer’s memory.

Furthermore, during the earlier years, all malware or malicious software is considered as a virus on computers. Today, there’s basically a fine line between the two. A malware refers specifically to any malicious program of any type. While a virus refers to a specific type of malware. Confusing? 

Let’s just take it this way— A Macbook can isn’t vulnerable to viruses, which means at any time with irresponsible surfing and computer activities it can still have a virus. But it can not be affected by any malware at all. 

Virus on Macbook: Yes

Viruses can go to either Windows or Macbook— yes even the considered virus-free model is indeed vulnerable to computer virus, or even internet virus.

Malware on Macbook: No

Macs are a fairly safe platform when it comes to malware, which is again malicious software. Basically, there are a few reasons as to why MacBooks seem to have lesser problems with malware rather than with a computer virus.