Apple or Windows, which do you choose? Because as a starting entrepreneur or if you are new in the real estate business, you would like to get on top of what your client needs. Even if it is just to answer their questions like What is my home worth (wat is mijn huis waard). An entrepreneur would like to invest in a new computer or laptop, we have listed the pros and cons in this article.

Most starting entrepreneurs need a computer for their work. If it is not for the daily activities (writer, designer, real estate consultant), it is for the administration and other matters.

The big question is: what kind of computer do you buy? So if you must choose, would that be one that runs on Windows (Microsoft) or the operating system macOS / OS X (Apple). Check out this computer buying guide.

Microsoft vs Apple: Which One Is Better?

The rivalry between the two computer giants Microsoft and Apple is always a topic of discussion. Post a message about a new development at Windows or Apple on any internet forum and within fifteen minutes the topic will be full of responses.

You get an endless yes-no discussion about what is the best system: Windows or Mac. The most recurring topics are the ‘hip’ users of the Mac, the clumsiness of Windows, the high cost of a Mac, and the slowness of Windows.

Rivalry operating systems

This attitude from fans (and haters) is anything but new. Apple already ‘mocked’ this phenomenon in the ’00s with the’ Get a Mac ‘campaigns, in which a somewhat dull good citizen (Windows) always had to compete with a hip young guy (Apple).

Price differences

But what makes a Mac so different from a Windows computer? Let’s start with the main difference: the price. Apple is the only provider of the OS X operating system, which allows them to determine the price of their products themselves.

The Windows operating system is made by Microsoft but offered on their PCs and laptops by various computer manufacturers (including Sony, Acer, Dell).

That is the basic principle of competition: the more providers, the cheaper the product – after all, they have to distinguish themselves from each other. A disadvantage of this is that you never know exactly what quality you are getting – each brand has its own quality requirements.

Comparison price Apple and Windows

Apple puts a lot of money into design, lifespan and batteries to ensure a high standard. A Mac is therefore a lot more expensive than a computer running on Windows. For example, you pay more than € 1000 for a Macbook, while a laptop that runs on Windows is already available from € 200.

Customizable or not?

Laptops from Apple are hardly customizable. The hardware is well put together, but it is difficult to replace parts for better ones. There are only a limited number of options for this.

With newer MacBooks, the memory is completely soldered. With the new iMacs, that is the only part that you can adjust yourself. With Windows PCs you can easily replace parts by unscrewing the housing.

Prejudices confirmed and debunked

Users who argue on forums that a Mac is better than Windows (or vice versa) are in fact both right. And at the same time wrong. In principle, both operating systems can do everything necessary to use a computer properly.

Apple puts a lot of money into the design of the computer, which makes it all look slick. That does indeed lead to popularity among the ‘hip’ segment, but users pay a higher purchase price for that.

Help, a crash!

The user experience with an operating system is different for everyone, so you can never make a general judgment. You can compare the properties, such as the software. Because Apple makes both the software and hardware, everything is completely coordinated.

You will not quickly receive errors because different systems appear not to be compatible. This risk is greater with a computer running on Windows. At the same time, it is a myth that a Mac never crashes – although the chance of crashing is smaller because of the said synergy.

Connections: USB or USB-C

MacBook Pros from 2016 have a big disadvantage. They only have USB-C connections. So you cannot connect HDMI cables, SD cards and other USB accessories. This is possible with most Windows computers.

Graphic design: which system is better?

The prejudice that graphic designers better use a Macbook is correct. In the graphics field, the Mac stands far above Windows. Programs like Photoshop run a lot better on an Apple product.

The group actually taking advantage of this is small. The majority of entrepreneurs use a computer almost exclusively for the Internet and word processing or spreadsheet programs such as Word and Excel. Regardless of which operating system you choose later, this is possible on any computer.