Most individuals going on camping trips want to escape the hassle and bustle of the city and surround themselves in nature. Many enjoy camping as it also gives them the opportunity to unplug from technology and the digital world. Furthermore, camping could be beneficial to one’s health, especially that the great outdoors itself is good for our overall wellbeing. Because of this, camping as an outdoor activity is increasingly becoming a very popular hobby.

Pawna lake camping, for instance, is more and more becoming a favorite getaway site. As the term implies, pawna lake camping it features the wonderful Pawna lake wherein campers could enjoy the serenity of the gentle water and experience nature’s beauty. This is perhaps why it is one of the best camping and picnic site for visitors coming from Mumbai and Pune, and other places.

While camping is an opportunity to get away from technology and the online world, some may find It difficult to disconnect whereas staying connected is a necessity for others. However, even if you pack your laptops and smartphones, remaining connected could be a concern as many camping grounds and most remote regions have either limited or zero access to the internet as well as power source. Furthermore, when it comes to camping, internet is generally not the top priority.

Staying Connected While Camping

Providentially, there are gadgets and features that will help you remain connected while you are in the great outdoors far away from civilization, from keeping your electronic devices charged, looking for WiFi access or giving your broadband signal a boost, to creating your own hotspots. Let’s check out a few:

Google Earth

Google Earth has free mobile apps that are handy and is one way to remain connected. You could make use of Google Earth to locate campsites that provide access to the internet. This is the initial step you could do when you plan to go camping, but still want to stay online.

Mobile Hotspots

Many smartphones, including Android and iPhone, could now be legally utilized as mobile hotspots allowing you to stay connected and surf the web. With a mobile hotspot feature, you could also provide your laptop as well as other devices access to the internet.

Power Banks

When going camping, electricity may be out of the picture especially when the campsite is in a remote area. To keep your devices charged, a reliable portable power bank is a solution. This portable charger could store energy as well as release it to recharge your devices.