Even though Apple has already unveiled its brand new set of MacBooks, including the 2019 MacBook Air, rumors are still circulating about the Cupertino tech giant’s next offering. Apple has yet to comment on the recent rumors, although this should be expected as the company would rather let the public be clueless than confirming everything. For one, it is heavily speculated that the MacBook line is about to receive a major makeover, particularly the MacBook Air variant.

Patent leaks claimed to pertain to the upcoming MacBook Air 2020 suggest that the updated laptop will finally get rid of the Butterfly-switch keyboard. There has always been a debate on whether Apple should change the keyboard style of its current MacBook variants, although most users complain about the Mac Air’s Butterfly-switch keyboard that makes it harder for them to navigate around the computer.


Is It Necessary To Change Something That Most Mac Air Users Are Already Comfortable With?

KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo stated in his latest prediction notes that the next batch of MacBook laptops will sport a different keyboard, which addresses the issue that many users have already brought up. In fact, the rumored Butterfly-switch keyboard ditching of the MacBook Air 2020 might be a little too overdue already, so overdue that most Mac Air users have already learned to adapt with. With a possible new keyboard configuration for the Mac users, there is a whole lot of adjusting to do once again, but hopefully this one will be worth it.

Unlike other computers and laptops, Apple’s MacBook lineup is a lot more than its stylish and regal looks. It is easy to study the components of a computer hardware, but when it comes to Mac, things are a bit more complicated.

Next MacBook Air Might Become A Little Too Thin For The Users’ Convenience

The latest design rumors for the MacBook Air 2020 claim that Apple will once again deliver a much thinner laptop than its current one. This has always been the case with Apple with its thinner and lighter-than-air feel of its Mac Air lineup. Unfortunately, based on some tech experts view on the patent leaks, a thinner-than-ever MacBook Air 2020 will not help improve the user’s experience in any way. Still, there is hope than even if Apple decides to proceed with a razor-thin Mac Air next year, its power would still be topnotch, just like the power you can witness by going to https://www.archerypower.com/ and experience the thrill.