Over time and with the upgrades in Windows 10, something good happened with Window’s built-in apps. I have gone fond of their maps which you can use offline. This is especially helpful when you travel on a budget and to places where WIFI connection is an issue.

No Wifi, no problem with windows maps app. This app had been useful during those times I was looking for atlas copco parts for some construction in our home. After finding the street address and knowing that I wouldn’t have connection in that area, the maps app did its thing like magic. I found the place without sweat.  

How to download the maps app?

When your computer is already running on win 10, it’s easy to download the app. For you to successfully download the app, you will have to quit the maps app in your computer. The program will not allow you to download the app when it is running.

Go to settings, then system, then to offline maps, then download maps. It brings you to a screen that allows you to browse world continents. Simply click the continent of your destination, your choice. Then click the country and then it downloads the map of the country you are interested.

You can try the maps in areas that wifi can’t reach. Once you are in a place where wifi is accessible, the maps app will use it to update the maps that you have downloaded.

Maps App Use Storage Space

It is good to note that the maps app takes so much storage. So it just makes sense to delete apps that you are not really using or other maps that had been downloaded.

Windows 10 Pro Preview Playing with 3D Maps

With maps app, you can even use street view. Watch this video to show you how the maps app actually looks like in street view preview.