Whenever computer hardware or peripheral suddenly becomes unstable or stops working for no reason, which they will – we immediately come to a standpoint of either replacing or repairing the piece. Some on the other hand perform temporary fix onto it.

While repair or trying to get by with it is almost always the cheapest and quick-fix solution. But realize that this is only a temporary fix. On the other hand, doing replacements will open up opportunity for upgrades. Fact is, with the rate of how technologies are developing, unless you are replacing something after buying it for a week, you might soon be forced to make an upgrade.

Don’t fall in the latter. You should educate yourself of the computer peripherals and hardware that is better bought than replaced.

Power Supply

Basically, the PSU or Power Supply Unit is among the overlooked computer hardware. Enthusiasts are frequently bragging how fast their processors are, the flagship video cards they are using and GBs of RAM they have but seldom talk about of their PSU.

Well in reality, PSU should be the last thing to skip on when in the process of selecting components for your computer system. If the processor is deemed to be the computer’s brain, then the power supply is its heart. So you have to take good care of it.


As you upgrade your computer, it uses more power and energy. And when it does, its temperature becomes hotter. Gone are days of using passively cooled system. Now, there are fans in almost every component from heatsinks, video cards and even on outtake vents. All fans play an integral role in keeping computers in optimal working temperature.


UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterrupted Power Supply. Though important, many are disregarding its presence. UPS is considered to be a surge protector too and it could be a standalone power strip. Its job is to protect devices towards energy spikes that may occur in circuits at office or home, normally a result of powering up high powered devices or lightning. Repairing UPS is both costly and hard. Replacing and upgrading them is always the best course of action to take.