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Motherboards 101

If you like to put together your personal computer understanding various motherboard types is essential. It’s also helpful for troubleshooting computer problems quickly. Through the years, plenty of motherboards have already been out on many of times and the market you will find new versions introduced every year. In selecting one to have acquainted with the various kinds of motherboard.

Because you will find plenty of types and motherboard categories, it’s very important to consider these when fixing computers, particularly if one particular component ought to be changed, or every time a new you need to be selected. Upon purchasing a new device focus on compatibilities and ensure that you understand your PC’s motherboard completely.


Baby AT Motherboard

This motherboard is 10″ long and 8.5 inches wide. Often, it’s easily named the noise keyboard connection is positioned on top right part of the motherboard. Because it includes a socket 7 ZIF slot generally, it’s designed for traditional Pentium processors. Since its total dimension is simply two-thirds of the normal AT motherboard it’s also known as Baby AT.

Full AT Motherboard

motherboardHere is the initial kind of motherboard created also it measures 11″ long and 12″ wide. It experienced plenty of issues in peripheral installation and troubleshooting whilst the general style is so bad. Its convenience is bad as well because the drive bays are mounted above the motherboard.

Furthermore, the expansion cards protect the processors resulting in high-risk and bad program ventilation of overheating.

ATX Motherboard

ATX is 12″ long and 7.5 inches in thickness. Its bus speed is about 100 MHz and contains a smooth power assistance which just implies that it cans turn down. The USB ports and that I/O ports will also be incorporated directly.

A good thing about this may be the means everything lies; the Infant AT components within is spun in 90 degrees therefore the cards within the bus architectures won’t protect the processor, therefore helping inefficient process ventilation.

Processor’s Type

Socket A Motherboard

Socket 378 Motherboard – It’s built with 478 pins in PGA deal.

Socket T Motherboard – It’s also referred to as LGA 775. It’s built with 775 pins in PGA. Its bus speed is large too at 1600 MHz.

Socket 939 Motherboard – This kind of motherboard is perfect for AMD processors. Produced with 939 pins aswell in PGA package, its bus rate is quickly at 200 to 1000 MHz.

Socket AM3 Motherboard – That is designed for AMD Phenom II processors and AMD Athlon two. It’s also built with 941 hooks and bus speed-rate at 200 – 3200 MHz in PGA.

Outlet H Motherboard – Another expression for that is LGA 1156 also it is available with 1156 pins in LGA structure.

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Your Computer’s Brain: The Motherboard

If your particular computer were to be when compared with an individual, the motherboard could be compared to mind, the middle of activity happening.

Also known as even the key board, or the machine or logic board, a motherboard is really a complicated circuit board which has a number of elements required for the computer to do, such as processor or the essential key control unit. With no motherboard, a PC could be made completely inoperable and totally ineffective.

The Great Need For Motherboards

Computer motherboards are designed with a number of various high-tech capabilities, them all helping a particular and essential objective today. Since they’re among the most essential aspects of the whole computer, and to be able to obtain the most for the income, you’ll need what you need to be searching for when purchasing the next PC and to know around possible about motherboards.

The motherboard and its own countless quantity of tracks are attached to the computer’s drive and its own disk drives, in addition to the noise and video cards, as well as the random access memory (Memory), that allows the computer to see and create information that it accesses in the processor, also known as the central processing system.

A computer motherboard can include:


Various motherboards can help various processors, that are also known as main processors or microprocessors, with common types being produced Intel or by the producers AMD. The current processor is recognizable by numerous, curved steel fittings and its tiny, square-shape which are on the bottom.

Expansion Slots

Expansion slots known as traditional PCI or PCI local bus, will be different in one motherboard to another as some have significantly more than others. These slots assist the goal of connecting peripherals towards the computer for example video cards, noise, and community.

It ought to be noted that not all motherboards are made equal, some are more concerned than others and include more functions, and so are thus, more costly, plus some are created to just be suitable for particular systems (OS).

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Troubleshooting Your Motherboard

There are times when you will need to troubleshoot your pc before bringing it to a specialist. The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer, so it is very important you become familiar with troubleshooting methods in case your motherboard goes haywire.

Below we’ve compiled the most common motherboard problems.

Motherboard COM interface, Integrated Drive Technology port or Brand Print Final port fails properly.

This often occurs whenever you hot plug the related equipment, firstly you have to eliminate the NET port, the Brand Print Final port (often you actually have to eliminate the Integrated Drive Technology port) that integral the motherboard, after which work with a multifunction card instead.

New Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CM-OS) settings can’t be saved

It might have two options when the voltage continues to be low. The motherboard signal, one continues the fritz, and you had better take the expert it. Next, the thing is within the motherboard CM-OS jumper, and often you’ve washed CM-OS in error or set it as utilizing the additional battery, therefore it can’t save the brand new CM-OS data.

Mouse is not available starting up your Windows system or when adding

Caused usually by the wrong CM-OS settings. Within the CM- OS’s Power-Management, there’s a product named device use interrupt request, whose default is 3, and you will adjust to select among additional options except 3.

Pc crashes or CD ROM reading decelerates after establishing motherboard drivers

MotherboardOften occurs in certain poor motherboards: whenever you restart the equipment and finish adding your motherboard drivers, you can’t enter the Windows software within the standard function, moreover, the individuals can’t be unloaded. If unsuccessful you’ve to reinstall your OS you had better discover the most recent motherboard driver and redo the installation.

Pc crashes when placing the CM-OS

The origin of even the motherboard Cache or this tedious experience often covers within the processor, often perhaps poor people heat dissipation within the motherboard gives rise to such failures. For that Cache problem, you are able to repair it by stopping the Cache within the CM-OS. Possibly you’ve to displace your processor or motherboard or even the Cache problem.

These are only a few of the common motherboard problems. It is important to familiarize one’s self in computer terms and  troubleshooting pc problems, so you can save on having to run to electronic technicians

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Having Issues Installing Windows 10? Check Your Computer Hardware!

I was installing Win 10 on my computer however it fails in my every attempt, Am I missing something?

Trying so hard to install Windows 10 to know avail?

windows 10Windows 10 installation should be quick and easy with the instructions that Microsoft has given. If you encounter issues while installing, it could be a hardware issue.

Check and examine your system. This is important in order to detect where the problem is coming from. More often than not, hardware issues are over looked when servicing a computer-related problem.

Inspect your Motherboard. When troubleshooting, it is wise to start with a visual inspection of the motherboard. Check for any obvious sign of broken capacitors. This could be the cause of hard to install software and intermittent connection issues.

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In the absence of motherboard issues, your next step is to check on other components that are easier to test. Diagnostic software is a good choice to test your motherboard and other components but could really be expensive. Alternatively, if you are using an Intel processor, you can use its Diagnostic tool to easily test your computer hardware components.

USB stick with issues can also cause a lot of issues. You can easily check this with the use of applications designed to remove this issues.

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Check your hard drive. If you have an older computer version, you may want to replace your hard drive. Older hard drive may cause some common issues like slow speed and installation issues.

Watch video to detect if your hard drive is failing:

Your hard drive system may be a huge confusion for those who are not familiar with it. There is one thing you have to know about your hard drive, the squares you find in the hard drive are actually sectors.

If a sector goes broken, it no longer functions the way it should be. If several of these sectors are broken, it could be a cause of a lot of computer issues. This means that your hard drive is no longer healthy and needs to be replaced.

An HDD scan can check this and any other storage devices. This doesn’t require a working OS to run. And it is used by many computer technicians to trouble shoot non-working computer systems.

Now, if your HDD’s condition is really bad, you may want to upgrade to SSD (Solid State Drive). This choice runs faster than older hard drive versions. In most cases, it’s the motherboard and hard drive that causes potential issues in your computer.

If the motherboard and hard drive works fine considering that you have already converted to SSD, then it is likely that you are having issues with either one of the following: power supply, video card, network card or other accessories. But this is less of the common.

Learning how to troubleshoot your computer saves you a lot time and saves your old computer from the trash. Much more you can get more savings in extra cash for a brand new computer and upgrades such as installing new Windows OS 10.

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