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Many facilities are rethinking raised floor designs for their computer rooms instead they focus more on other alternatives like switch ceilings. However, there’s no doubt that access floors are still the best for computer rooms in almost all cases. My Floor services can provide the best raised flooring system for your computer room needs.

With raised floor designs, there are many advantages that it can offer. Grounding, secure management of computing devices and cable wires, the power to spread high loads, as well as flexibility. Let’s take a look further.

1. Even Distribution of Weight

Raised floor designs are made to spread heavyweight loads evenly across the entire floor. This is crucial because equipment has grown to be more compact and server cabinets are even heavier. For loads too heavy than usual, it is recommended to have a steel floor loaded with concrete. It is also essential to get a grid beneath the raised floor, bolted to carry heavy loads. With the stringers bolted, it creates a sturdy grid even floor tiles are removed individually.

2. Easy Management of Cables

The enormous cables that connect to the computer system could be properly concealed easily under raised floors. This means a safe place for personnel to work on without worries about tripping. Additionally, cabling is not exposed to heat in the aisle. Prolonged exposure to heat can weaken the insulation system. Raised floors offer a clean, neat-looking set up by keeping cables well hidden yet very easy to access.

3. Good Airflow Control

There are numerous strategies to control airflow to delicate equipment in the modern computer rooms. But, there’s no choice that provides flexibility. Raised floors help to make hot and cold containment less difficult because many of the cables are underneath the floor, partitions can be set up rather quickly and easily. Raised flooring can be updated and revised to further improve ventilation by using grates and permeated raised floor tiles. This allows the effective cooling of compact loads and makes sure cool air is rationally sent to equipment.

4. Raised Floors Provide Necessary Flexibility

Among the primary advantages of using a raised floor is the versatility it gives. The kind and placement of raised floor tiles are not hard to modify or switch, and air quality can be managed with the addition of floor diffusers. Establishments getting ready for renovations can also enjoy quick access to underfloor space to upgrade technology with little trouble.

5. Service Outlets are Easier to Cut

Wall outlets will eventually require repositioning of computers in certain locations and cables may also have to run across the floor. The raised floor makes it easier to create new power outlets without necessarily moving equipment.

6. Raised Floors for Better Grounding Effect

Raised floors offer betting grounding. This is mainly because raised floors make it simple to connect to the building ground. This offers the protection needed from static diffusion. Laminate floors can lessen static concerns for existing computer rooms.