The most important storage tool in any PC is the HDD. It functions on the concepts of magnetic polarization. HDDs found in Laptops are not any different. The only distinction is that they utilize less electricity as well as have a smaller sized general outer covering. These characteristics add to their performance and speed.

HDD laptp vs desktop

HDD Operation

Since Laptops are made for portability, everything about laptops are smaller than desktop computers. Operation wise laptop disk drives operation in rounds per minute is a lot smaller than desktops. Note that older laptop models operate at a much smaller rounds per minute as compared to newer laptop models.


Laptop HDDs are smaller in diameter by 10 inches as compared to desktops. Smaller disks result in a more dense setup which offers additional work. Usually pre-owned adapter type for recent hard drives is SATA, which is a serial means of moving data. Consequently the controller chips became much faster and also less complex.

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These portable disk drives normally have a smaller capacity, however newer laptopĀ models have larger drives but still smaller than desktops. Memory chip based drives called SSD are readily available both for notebooks and also desktop. These drives are way more expensive compared to a normal mechanical unit, however there are pros to them as well. They have no relocating components, for one, and that can dramatically decrease power Usage.

Note that laptops works best if you are looking for convenience and portability. But if you are looking for capacity, power and durability, then desktops is the best.