circuit-1443251_960_720Servicing computer hardware  is a term given to the act of maintaining and supporting computer hardware. This can incorporate the diagnosis of computer hardware problems, updating hardware on the computer system and also fixing computer systems.
Many of our youth today are considering to take a career path related to computers. Among the career path chosen is servicing computer hardware. While there are still many who choose the medical field such as aesthetic medicine who does surgeries such as blepharoplasty, there is a bigger number of students fresh out of high school who choose to pursue the field of computer technology.

What does a person do in computer hardware servicing?

  • Set up PC hardware
  • Set up and upgrade computer hardware drivers
  • Identify computer hardware issues
  • Retain computer systems.

What education is needed in order to start a career in computer hardware servicing?

To build a career  in computer systems servicing, a would-be personnel must have at least one of the list of professional certifications.

  • CompTIA’s A+ certification
  • Associate’s degree in a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field

The Basics: Computer Hardware

It is necessary for anyone aspiring to take this career path to have a passion in computer technology. Learning the basic part of the computer is a must. Watch the video below.

Career Choices

Based on the UNITED STATES Bureau of Labor Stats, people with competence in servicing computer hardware can get to see the industry grow by 30 % by year 2018. Most of this particular growth will likely be observed in the area of network engineering.