There’s never been a perfect time of building a PC of your own. But the question is, with so many components a PC has, where should you start? Being able to determine what you wish to get out of your project is always the first step. This would serve as your guide throughout the whole process. By knowing what you really wanted, you get to know what you exactly need from the hardware, which will dictate the performance of your computer will be.

What You wanted to Build?

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the variables that come when building a PC. So to prevent yourself get so confused, consider finding answers to questions such as:

  • Do you want to save money while building your PC?
  • Do you want your PC to have the best performance?
  • Are you okay with small storage?
  • What’s the memory you prefer for your system?

Of course, there are still more to ask but this will serve as the starting point of your journey. Don’t forget the peripherals of the system as a whole from the keyboard, mouse, speaker, power supply and the likes. They may be small parts, but it is what making your computer whole.

Key Components that You Need

After you have decided what type of PC you wish to build, that is when you can start researching and buying the hardware.


The very first thing you should get for your system is always the motherboard. It will dictate the dimensions of your PC build and its form factor. At the same time, it will determine what other parts your computer can use.


CPU or the Central Processing Unit acts as the brain of your computer. It sets the expected performance for the whole build. So for example, you are searching for real estate Corinda or perhaps, working on a project that requires you to open multiple applications, it is the CPU that helps in processing all those tasks in your PC. The storage and memory support the processor that controls every data transaction throughout your PC.